Mina Loy was an author, poet, artist, critic, and scholar. “Songs to Joannes,” her long poem sequence of irony, love, and dissolution, was published in its entirety in the 1917 issue of Alfred Kreymbourg’s little magazineOthers. A selection of the Songs appeared as “Love Songs” in an earlier issue. Loy included the “Love Songs” (poems I-XIII), in her only two poetry collections published during her lifetime: The Lunar Baedecker (1923) and The Lunar Baedecker & Timetables (1958). Posthumously, Roger Conover’s second collection of Loy’s work, The Lost Lunar Baedecker (1997), contains the full 34 sections.

Jacqueline Kari is a poet and PhD candidate at The University of Georgia, and part of the NEH-funded team examining Loy’s life and work.